As two world-traveling women with impressive and extensive backgrounds in filmmaking and communications, along with a shared passion for amplifying the female voice, Allison Rapson and Kassidy Brown possess a unique perspective into the world of 21st Century Feminism and its vast expressions – both domestically and globally.


Together, Rapson and Brown founded We are the XX with the mission to expose the world we live in; a world that is, in fact, fifty percent female and unapologetically so. In their most recent documentary series, “A Woman’s Place: Documenting the Front Lines of Feminism,” Rapson and Brown travel across the globe embedding themselves with young female revolutionaries, leaders and activists. Licensed to Refinery29, the series was a breakout hit garnering millions of views with an audience demand for more.


Emboldened by experiencing first-hand the female rebels of the 21st Century, Rapson and Brown have established themselves as feminist thought-leaders with an intimate perspective on the female side of power, resilience, leadership and triumph.